Thursday, November 21, 2013

Confederacy of Steam vs. Zombies

Confederacy of Steam vs. Zombies
Edited by Ron Leming

Available as an e-book


Calcaneus Bishop and the Legacy of the Sraavanya Sutra By William R.D. Wood
Zombies Against the Confederacy By Melanie Dixon
Zombie Love by Tammy Dominguez
A Splendid Little Outing by John Lance
The Death Baron by J. A. Ryker
The Music of Life and Death By Sherry D. Ficklin


For those of you following Zulu Time at JukePop Serials, you've no doubt noticed a snag in the posting schedule. I've made a few changes to my writing timetables and should have those chapters back on track soon. Rest assured that even though Nash, Calloway, Carmella and Mbogo are already in the thick of things, their lives won't be getting one bit easier in the chapters ahead. Stay tuned for further developments and spread the word. In the mean time, check out some of the other great offerings.

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