Thursday, November 14, 2013

Flooded with Zombies

The market is flooded with zombies these days. AMC's
The Walking Dead has brought the shufflers back into the forefront of western culture in a big way. They shamble through our television commercials, our public events, and even family game night. 

Some people hate them. Some love them.

Personally, I can't get enough and if you read my stuff you already know that. There's a place for all zombie species whether they're the relentless slow-moving Romero types, rage-focused the 28 Days Laters, the bizarro Pontypools, or the newest balls-to-the-wall leapfrogging types from World War Z (The movie, NOT the book! I love you, Max.) 

My online serial, Zulu Time at JukePop Serials, plays in what I hope you'll agree is a new playground. 

You can find my other zombie-related stories online and in numerous print anthologies. Check some out and drop me a line or two. And in case you're not interested unless its a zombie-fest, here's a list of only the zombie stories.

Zulu Time, an ongoing serial at JukePop Serials
“No Time for Poets” in Zombie, The Other Fright Meat from Norgus Press
“DNR” in Undead Tales 2 from Rymfire eBooks
“Amitu” in Short Sips - Coffee House Flash Fiction from Wicked East Press
"Brother Divine" at Tales of the Zombie War, posted 5/24/12.
"Blood, Sweat and Tears" in Zombies Gone Wild! from Norgus Press
"The Grassy Knoll" at The Were-Traveler, posted 10/29/12.
"Jolly and Old" at Kazka Press, posted in December 2012 issue.
“Shambles” in Unquiet Earth from Static Movement
“Lest We Forget” in Zombidays: Zombie Holidays! from Library of the Living Dead
“Mantra” in Putrid Poetry and Sickening Sketches from Collaboration of the Dead
“Home Despot” in Letters from the Dead from Library of the Living Dead
“Hands” in The Zombist from Library of the Living Dead
“Childish Things” in Eye Witness Zombie from May December Publications
“Nearly Departed” in Rotting Tales from Pill Hill Press
“Under the Shade of the Trees” in Gone With the Dirt: Undead Dixie from Pill Hill Press
“Scrap” in Dead Worlds: Undead Stories Volume 4 from Living Dead Press
“Fridays at Eight” in Book of the Dead 2: Not Dead Yet from Living Dead Press

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