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"The Pursuit of Happiness" in the No Shit, There I Was anthology from Alliteration Ink
"The Dew of Heaven, Like Ashes" in the Chilling Horror Short Stories volume of Flame Tree Publishing's Gothic Fantasy series


"Single Layer I.T." in Nature Volume 528 Number 7583, 24 December 2015.
"Shepherd of the Spheres" in the 1st and Starlight anthology from the Future Finalists forum

"Shady Moons" in Tales of the Talisman from Hadrosaur Productions.
"Journey of a Thousand Miles" in the 2015 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide from Dreaming Robot Press


Zulu Time at JukePop Serials

"Waterman High Speed Axials" in the October 2014 issue of Bastion Science Fiction Magazine
"Downfacking the Mandelbrot" online at OMNI Reboot
"Moonspots" in Phobos Two: Emergence from Phobos Magazine.
"Dimmer" in Vignettes from the End of the World from Apokrupha.
"Goodbye, Norma Jean" in the Altered America anthology from Martinus Publishing
"With the Fires Out" in The Book of the Emissaries: An Animism Short Story Anthology
"Den's Used Caskets" in These Vampires Don't Sparkle from Sky Warrior Books.
"Adaptive Strategies" in These Vampires Still Don't Sparkle from Sky Warrior Books.


Zulu Time at JukePop Serials

"Calcaneus Bishop and the Legend of the Sraavanya Sutra" in The Confederacy of Steam vs. Zombies
            from Marion Margaret Press
Untitled flash posted October 17, 2013 at (search Tavern on the Bay)
"Of Faith and Fallow" in the Lovecraft eZine 2012 Megapack.
"House Hunters" in Use Enough Gun from Emby Press
"The Dew of Heaven, Like Ashes" in the Tomorrow anthology from Kayelle Press
"Beginning of Days" in Morpheus Tales: Apocalypse Special Issue
"The Long View" in The Temporal Element from Martinus Publishing
"The Long View" in The Best of Martinus Publishing 2013 from Martinus Publishing


“Headhunter” in Flush Fiction from Uncle John's Bathroom Readers
“Snapdragons” in Sowing the Seeds of Horror from Static Movement
“No Time for Poets” in Zombie, The Other Fright Meat from Norgus Press                            
“DNR” in Undead Tales 2 from Rymfire eBooks
“Amitu” in Short Sips - Coffee House Flash Fiction from Wicked East Press
“Sleep and Beauty” in Father Grim's Story Book from Wicked East Press
“Cerulean” in Wicked Bag of Suspense Tales from Wicked East Press                    
"Brother Divine" at Tales of the Zombie War, posted 5/24/12.
"And Kill Them" in Battlespace Volume One from The Science Fiction Show 
            and KnightWatch Press
"Blood, Sweat and Tears" in Zombies Gone Wild! from Norgus Press
"Greenhorns" in Science Fiction Trails #8.
“Head of the Pin” in Ultimate Angels from KnightWatch Press
"The Grassy Knoll" at The Were-Traveler, posted 10/29/12.
"With the Fires Out" was among the Animism: The Gods' Lake Anthology winners.
"Jolly and Old" at Kazka Press, posted in December 2012 issue.
"Of Faith and Fallow" in issue 20 of the Lovecraft eZine.


Interior Cover Art for stories in Wicked Bag of Suspense Tales from Wicked East Press
                "Blind Justice" by Jaidis Shaw
                “Cerulean" by William R.D. Wood
                “A Daughter For A Daughter" by Jeff Chapman
                "Dangerous Assumptions"" by Bennie L. Newsome
                "To Live Fighting"" by Alexis A. Hunter
                "The Closet Monster"" by George Wilhite
                "Annihilator"" by Marc Sorondo
                "Seeking Sagittarius"" by Ariyana Spencer
                "Escape"" by Adam P. Lewis

“dusty old dome” in Scifaikuest
“methane ice and rain” in Scifaikuest
“shadows burned” in Scifaikuest
“squeals of delight” in Scifaikuest


“The Tether” in Necrotic Tissue 14                 
“Shambles” in Unquiet Earth from Static Movement                               
“Meat Machine” in Wicked Bag of Horror Tales from Wicked East Press
“Dimmer” in In Space No One Can Hear You Scream from Poe Little Thing          
“Area Code 51” in Tales of Bigfoot from Living Dead Press
“The Maestro Signal” in Look What I Found! from Norgus Press
“Deuteronomy” in Anywhere But Earth from Coeur de Lion Publishing
“Lest We Forget” in Zombidays: Zombie Holidays! from Library of the Living Dead
“Beginning of Days” in After the End from Static Movement
“Adaptive Strategies” in The Trigger Reflex from Pill Hill Press
“Organ Grinder” in 13: Tales of Dark Fiction from Morpheus Tales


“Mantra” in Putrid Poetry and Sickening Sketches from Collaboration of the Dead


“All Hands” in Night Chills Magazine from Black Matrix Publishing
“Dragons Ho!” in Kings of the Realm: A Dragon Anthology from Lame Goat Press
“Snapdragons” in Kings of the Realm: A Dragon Anthology from Lame Goat Press
“Pearls” at Abandoned Towers
“Home Despot” in Letters from the Dead from Library of the Living Dead
“Loss of Vector” in Zombie Zoology from Severed Press
“Hunted House” in Haunted from Pill Hill Press
“The Tuffet” in Deep Space Terror from Static Movement
“Voidbreaker” in Encounters from Black Matrix Publishing
“Hands” in The Zombist from Library of the Living Dead
"Colors in a Box, Some Missing" winner Parsec 15th Annual Short Story Contest
“Graven Images” in Patented DNA from Pill Hill Press
“The Sky's the Limit” in Dusted from Static Movement
“Childish Things” in Eye Witness Zombie from May December Publications
“Death Comes for Gil Bates” in Ghosts and Demons from Static Movement
“Spy Eyes” in Yarns for our Youth from Static Movement
“Wet N' Wild” in Novus Creatura from Aurora Wolf Press
“One One Thousand” in Timelines from Northern Frights Publishing
“Scatterbrane” in About Time from Static Movement
“Destructive Testing” in Daily Flash 2011 from Pill Hill Press
“Nearly Departed” in Rotting Tales from Pill Hill Press
“Seasons” in Daily Flash 2011 from Pill Hill Press
“Two Point Zero” in Daily Flash 2011 from Pill Hill Press
“Teddy and the Last Girl on Brighton Street” in Last Man Anthology from Sword and Saga Press
“Whatsoever You Sow” at House of Horror
Machinery of Self” in Daily Bites of Flesh 2011 from Pill Hill Press
“Under the Shade of the Trees” in Gone With the Dirt: Undead Dixie from Pill Hill Press
“Winter in Heaven” in Dark Things III from Pill Hill Press
“Signs of Spring” in Steampunk Fissure from Shadow Archer Press
“Margin of Error” in Aether Age: Helios from MBrane SF / Hadley Rille Books


Interior Cover Art for stories in Aether Age: Helios from MBrane SF /Hadley Rille Books
                "The Bounds of Set" by Heather McDougal
                "The Heart of Carnelian" by Christine Lucas
                "The Birth of Hellas" by Regan Wolfrom
                "Advance Gratitude" by Jeff Kozzi
                "The Apprentice" by Christopher Fletcher
                "Margin of Error" by William Wood

                The book credits me with the art for "Phobos" by Cliff Winnig but Brandon H. Bell 
                actually did that one. Similarly, Brandon is credited for my artwork for "The Apprentice."


“Recipe” at Every Day Fiction                        
“Scrap”  in Dead Worlds: Undead Stories Volume 4 from Living Dead Press
“Recipe” in Flash Me Magazine
“Seasons” at AlienSkin Magazine
“Two Point Zero” at AlienSkin Magazine
“Fridays at Eight” in Book of the Dead 2: Not Dead Yet from Living Dead Press
“Headhunter” in Flash Me Magazine
Destructive Testing” at Everyday Weirdness
“Wet N' Wild” in Creature Features from House of Horror
“Beginning of Days” from End of Days 2 from Living Dead Press


“Men gathered” at the Shine Anthology blog                               
“Rumpel hated his nickname” at Tweet the Meat
“He glared” at
“Her nose blew” at Tweet the Meat
“Creaking boards something quiet” at