Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Best of 2013

This December, Martinus Publishing will be including my story, "The Long View" in their Best Of anthology titled, The Best of Martinus Publishing, 2013.

According to the press release, Martinus Publishing will offer the book directly from their website for a modest $7.95. The book will be available through all the usual channels as well including our favorite online shopping behemoth, Amazon, but the pricing will probably be a little higher. The Kindle version you can expect to go for a 99 cents. Wow, right?

Cover art for The Best of Martinus Publishing, 2013 by Jessica Hale.

Table of Contents ...

A Thursday Night at Doctor What's Time & Relative Dimensional Space Bar & Grill
     –by Bruno Lombardi
Quest through the Ages –by JL Mo
Poetic Justice –by Edmund Wells
Wipeout –by A.C. Hall
Hooked on Questing –by Gerald Costlow
Abducted –by Shawn Cook
The Long View –by William R.D. Wood
Into the Thick of It –by Martin T. Ingham
The Vendetta Ride –by Martin T. Ingham
Doing Time –by Barbara Austin
Life or Death –by Stacey Jaine McIntosh
Curse of the Bottle –by Nye Joell Hardy
I'll Come Back for You –by A. C. Hall
There's an App for That –by Chris Allinotte
Odin's Spear –by Susan A. Royal
AMR-17 –by Edmund Wells
Burn It Up, Burn It Down –by Philip Overby
But I Know We'll Meet Again Some Sunny Day –by Lauren A. Forry


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