Saturday, September 21, 2013

What Time is It?

It's Zulu Time!

Zulu Time continues to unfold in serial fashion, one bloody chapter at a time, at JukePop Serials. Chapter Six goes up tomorrow. I hope you'll check it out.

And comments! Oh, I love comments! So please drop me a line on what you'd like to see. Like our own, the fates of these characters are sealed up pretty tight. Only, in the Zulu Time universe, fate can be rewritten.

Here's an excerpt from Chapter One:

Grabbing Finn by his shirt, Chief Saunders yanked him around causing him to stumble away from the door. Two hundred fifty pounds suddenly absent from the joint barricade, Calloway couldn't hold the front line and the door swung inward, Finn falling to the deck and the Chief tumbling on top of him.

Two more figures stumbled through the door as Calloway snatched something from his belt. A flash of light bloomed in Nash’s eyes and thunder slammed against both sides of his head. A second explosion cracked the air and Nash saw the newcomers fly back into the passageway.

Calloway jumped to the two struggling men on the floor, grabbing the Chief’s collar and hauling him off of Finn, tossing him flailing to the deck. He brought the pistol up and without the slightest hesitation, shot the Chief between the eyes. A shower of blood and bone sprayed the equipment rack behind him, some of it striking the deck and bouncing like grains of sand.

At the entrance, Calloway shoved a lifeless leg draped across the threshold clear and pushed the door closed, the latches snapping home.

Nash looked at Calloway and then at Finn. He’d not moved the entire time except to watch events unfold before him. This could not be happening.

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