Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Podcasts for the Road

Time is finite.

No way around it. At least not that's been shared by anyone who knows otherwise. You have a certain number of hours in this day, roughly the same tomorrow, and the chronometeorological report for the rest of your life is the same.

Before this post becomes a real downer, all I'm really trying to put out there is the need to spend time wisely. I've mentioned before, since I spend a lot of hours alone in the car, I listen to podcasts, audiodramas and audiobooks. I call it research. Entertaining research, but research nonetheless.

What I haven't mentioned before are the podcasts I actually while away the hours (and the miles) with.

Top billing this post goes to a new show: The Grind Pulp PodcastAndrew Crevier, Jeronimo Brown and James Malone posted their first show in early May setting the format for future shows. They aim to review three short stories and three movies that either fall into their newly minted genre of Grind Pulp, or, hopefully, skirt along the edges. In their second installment, my story, "Greenhorns," published in issue # 8 of Science Fiction Trails, is reviewed along with a couple of other stories. "Unicorn Western" by Sean PlattJohnny B. Truant, and "Of All the Plagues A Lover Bears" by Derrick Ferguson. I've already downloaded "Unicorn Western" to my Kindle, god help me. Mr. Ferguson's tale will have to wait a little longer but not much.

Again, time is finite, and my exposure to the world of podcasts is limited, but I'll be adding the Grind Pulp Podcast to my queue. The mood of the first two shows is light, their comments interesting if not insightful, and the banter is fun. I'm looking forward to episode three.

Hell, the only downside to the Grind Pulp Podcast isn't even their fault. I'm usually a latecomer to podcasts. By the time I trip over them, there are generally vast archives to plow through. Now I have to wait, damnit.

The other podcasts in my current line up are:

District of Wonders (selections from)
Coast to Coast AM (selections from)
Lovecraft eZine (podcasts and video chats)

Check some out. Check them all out. And recommend others to me, if there are some I should be listening to.

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