Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lovecraftian Audio

The December issue of the Lovecraft eZine will contain my story, "Of Faith and Fallow." As the title implies, this tale may not be for the weak of faith.

Among the coolness that is simply being included in a Lovecraft eZine issue, is the fact Mike Davis (captain and commander of said zine) produces audio versions of most, if not all, featured stories. Check out the archives and you'll find tons of tales, all steeped in Lovecraftian themes. You can read them. You can stream them. You can download them for later. Personally, I download and listen while driving. Nothing better than basking in the imponderable scope and complexity of reality and humanity's infinitesimal place within it while weaving in and out of traffic. Really helps keep it all in perspective.

The cover art displayed here is not for the December issue. I just like it. I'm sure Mike has something equally awesome in store for the next issue. I can't wait to hear the other stories (okay, and mine too!) brought to life on some future excursion behind the wheel.

Aside from my own readings, "Of Faith and Fallow" is only my second story to be adapted to audio and I'm proud its home is at the Lovecraft eZine.

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