Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Zombies

Make no bones about it. I love zombies. I do.
It's funny how many times the word zombie has come up this Christmas and not once have I been the one to say it. I'll talk about zombies, horror, science fiction, writing and combinations of the above at the drop of the proverbial hat, but I keep the gorier side of my work away from the prying eyes and ears of the little ones. My family, though, they keep bringing it up. Some are just curious about why I chose to write some of my stories about shambling corpses. Some are more than a little disgusted that I would want too. And there's a couple who can't seem to stop pointing out "Will writes about zombies." Sometimes that's with an exclamation point, but more often with a knowing nod to whoever they happen to be talking to. Not sure what they know exactly, but the pen goes where the pen goes.
When I started down the writing path, I had no idea how much I would write about the pesky critters (read: former family, friends, coworkers, etc). My first stories took on space stations and robots in deep space. Psychic navigators and bony creatures deep in the sea. One was even about a cook who decided to make his mark in the culinary world with omelets made from some very special eggs. At some point in the mix, Zombies snuck in.
What can I say? I was hooked.
Kazka Press has my latest tale of the shambling set online and available for a free read, a little tale called, "Jolly and Old." Please drop by and leave a comment. In this month's issue you can also find stories by William Cheshire and Stephen Gordon.
Hope everyone in my circle and all the shock waves beyond are having a great set of holidays. Our Christmas has been fantastic and the New Year is shaping up to be the best ever!

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