Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Book Signing Thoughts

The Read Local, Shop Local event at the Staunton Public Library last Saturday was fun. The turn-out was much less than I expected but SPL's Melissa said these sorts of events are very hit-or-miss.

Still it was fun meeting up with the other locals authors. Had some interesting conversations, learned about a local group of authors who meet regularly just a few miles down the road, so to speak. Also got to speak with Beth Massie face-to-face again after several years of seeing her around the burgeoning metropolis that is Waynesboro, VA. Always cool. "So, you're the other zombie guy," she says as she stops at my table. What higher words of praise, Beth? Thank you!

Sorry. Having a fanboy moment there.

Author's in attendance:

Al Leichter
Alison Hart
Charles Welsh
Clifford Garstang
Elizabeth Massie
Greg Owen
Janet Lembke
Katharine Brown
Lynn Coffey
Martha Elizabeth

I hope the limited success of this event doesn't deter SPL, or any other local establishment, from holding more of these in the future, 'cause I am so there!

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