Wednesday, November 7, 2012


You won't get me this year, Office of Letters and Light! Nope, I will not be sucked in, so stop your petty attempts to convince me--what? You have cookies, you say? Well...


It's not because I don't want to. I do. I really do. It's just that there are other obligations. A time travel short story in much need of editing and possibly even last minute rewrites. Other projects stacking up. Some that don't even involve writing at all.

And coffee? And a local group of equally deranged individuals to hang out with? And write/not write as the mood strikes (as long as you make the 1,666.7 words per day)? Well...


I've enjoyed NaNo in the past. Even completed the challenge a couple of years. Once with a piece of zombie fiction that will go on to novelhood someday and once with a time travel homage to a heavily trademarked and copyrighted series that I'd love to write for if they didn't already have a gaggle of geniuses doing just that. Darn it.

This year, with travel on the docket, and a plethora of evening and weekend challenges to meet, 50K just did not seem doable.

What's that? I can have permission to shut off my internal editor for 30 days? That does sound pretty good...


There's work. There's family time. There's travel. There's other writing projects with November deadlines. Just isn't going to happen. I was still mulling over joining in right up to Halloween before I decided to bow out. I have the idea and more scenes than I can put to pen in 30 days. It's really just a timing problem. Rest assured, I'm here for support, just not as a active participant. You understand, right?

So, just to sum up, Office of Letters and Light: It's not you, it's me. Really. I just cannot and will not take you back no matter how much you beg or bribe. Really. I mean it...

...until next year.

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