Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Animism: The God's Lake

An awesome new mythology is coming together at Animism: The God's Lake. It's quite the powerhouse of creative talent!

You can learn more at the website and their facebook page. Cool stuff's a'brewing.

Taken directly from their facebook page:

Animism: The Gods’ Lake chronicles the adventures of Melody “Mel” Ravensfall, a 17 year old activist who discovers that her friends’ efforts to save the Gods’ Lake are just the smallest-scale skirmish in a much wilder war. Underneath the surface of the lake lies a Sacred Site that is the key to a timeless conflict between the supernatural forces of the Mother and the Wetiko, a creature who has held power for too long and whose minions have pushed our fragile world to a breaking point. Only their unpredictable sibling, the Trickster, can restore balance… but he has been missing for centuries. And time is running far too short.

This is a wickedly cool universe with canon myths created by authors such as Kevin J. Anderson, David Farland, Beth Aileen Dillon, Stephen Savile, James Alan Gardner, Stephen Kotowych, Nick Mamatas, and Cat Rambo

Wow, right?

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