Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Alternate History

One of my favorite subgenres is alternate history. Whether its the timeline twisting of big screen meddlers or the infinitely prolific grand master of the alternate written history, Harry Turtledove, I never tire of the stuff. Of what could have been.

I think my first taste was probably Star Trek reruns, namely "The City on the Edge of Forever." From there my interest in the subject exploded.

I've written a few stories myself where events aren't as they were as it was. And I've not made even the slightest effort to prevent tossing in a zombie or ten if the tale seemed oddly zombie-free. In some stories, the timeline remains intact with the characters doing all of the work behind the scenes of the history books such as "Hands" in The Zombist anthology. Others, such as "Beneath the Shade of the Trees" in the Gone With the Dirt anthology which would require a complete rewrite of everything you were taught in school, assuming there was anyone around to write a text book.

Latest among my offerings in this arena is a drabble called "The Grassy Knoll" available at Maria Kelly's The Were-Traveler. She's compiled 22 history bending pieces of zombie goodness. Check 'em out!

Parallel Zombie History, by Maria Kelly
The First Book of the Dead, by Kevin Hoffman
A Better World, by T. Fox Dunham
Zombie Gonzo, by Reed Beebe
Lt. General John Bell Hood’s Last Day, by Michele Cacano
Revenants in Warfare, by Matt Mitrovich
Let Them Eat…BRAINS! by Kenneth Shand
ZombieMania, by Tom Ward
Yes, Wonderful Things, by Daniel Ritter
It Begins, by Larry Kollar
Shambler, by Jay Wilburn
The Grassy Knoll, by William Wood
The Clothed Heart, by Chris Castle
The Grave, by Audiowriter
Ruthless Mercy, by Kara Kreswell
Expedition Through The Great Sandy Desert, by Bayard Tarpley
Forty, by Maria Kelly
Zombie Mnemonic, by Reed Beebe
The Deadlist, by Melanie Browne
Nazi Doomsday, by Tim Tobin
Pilgrim’s Plague, by Michele Cacano
Inside, by David Edward Nell
Scapegoat, by Justin Elliott & Nathan Drake

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