Tuesday, August 21, 2012

On The Shelf

Flush Fiction
A personal milestone pictured here! My story appears in a collection on the shelf at our local Books-A-Million. My urge is to follow every sentence with an exclamation point but I am exercising incredible restraint. Seriously, you should be impressed.

Lots of smaller milestones along the way.

The first story I completed, followed closely by my first rejection. First publication. Second publication. First fifty publications. First pro-rate sale.

Next stop is the first novel.

So many great stories out there. So many ahead.

This one, though--yeah, nice. I can finally stop searching up and down the shelves every few days!

Okay. Probably not.


  1. So proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (was that enough?)

  2. What? So that's all I'm worth? A piddly 19 exclamation marks.


    :-) Thanks, Beckie! :-)

  3. Woo Hoo! You are my inspiration!!!! Congrats!!!
    (I always make myself stop at 3 !'s, so be thrilled I used 4 for you at least once! :) )

  4. You are too cool, Jae.

    I am thrilled and honored.