Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Don't Be Alarmed

Google has a nifty little feature called Alerts. I'm sure there are similar creatures out there but Google has become a one-stop shop for my writing career so I make the best of it.

If I have a market I'm watching, or if I want to keep up with the buzz on an existing project, I plug in a few keywords, set how often I want updates, and Alerts emails links to any activity right to me! As long as I'm confident my keywords are good ones, I can work on my latest story or do a little research while Alerts chugs away on searches I'd otherwise spend minutes (okay, hours) making myself.

Good stuff.

My favorite link so far was to a Top Ten list of Zoology Textbooks. Number six on that list is a little anthology called Zombie Zoology containing my story "Loss of Vector." How an anthology about zombie animals wound up on a list with tomes such as Laboratory Studies in Integrated Principles of Zoology and Invertebrate Zoology: A Functional Evolutionary Approach, I'm not sure but it brings me great joy to know that students in some zoology class might be learning why Skylab really crashed.

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