Tuesday, August 7, 2012

TOC for Zombies Gone Wild!

What’s That You Hear? by Zombie Zak
Blood, Sweat and Tears by William R.D. Wood
Cindy Lou, Who? by Cassandra Hex
Complete Caretaker by Hassan Riaz
Pollution by Brandon Cracraft
Admit One, Undead by Rebecca Besser
A Horrid Abundance by Bruce L. Priddy
The Horrors of Trench Warfare by David Indish
Dreams of a Dead Man by Shaun Meeks
Deadbeat by Aurelio Rico Lopez III
Damage Limitation by Adam Millard
The Departed by Peter Bailey
The Hills Have Zombies by Amber Keller
A Boy and His Bicycle by Nicholas Conley
What’s Eating You? by Patrick D’Orazio
Life (and Death) on the News Feed by C.D. Carter
A Love Best Served Cold by Thomas M. Malafarina
Devolution by Kevin Brown
The Lighthouse by Chris Daruns
A Science Experiment by Indy McDaniel
Being Neighborly by Carey Burns
The Crow by Meg Marquardt
The Path/Five Miles of Darkness by Craig Workman
The Harbingers by Charlie Morgan
Damon is Dead by Paul S. Huggins
Is That a Shillalah in Your Pocket…? by S. P. Durnin
Notes on the Zombie Apocalypse of 2012 by Joseph Channon

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