Friday, January 20, 2012

The Twisted Library

In late October 2011, Dr. Michael West, aka Dr. Pus, posted some bad news over at the Twisted Library forum.

Due to economic concerns, he was forced to cancel a number of anthologies in the Twisted Library Press pipeline. And this coming on the heels of a posting at the Library website a few days before that seemed chipper and optimistic. A lot of authors (and readers!) like myself were bummed, to say the least. Several of my stories were on that chopping block so the pain was personal. At least a couple of mine did made the final cut. "Lest We Forget" squeaked in one of the last anthologies pushed through: Zombidays. Another story should still see the light of day as well. A piece called 'Z Eye Joe" featured in the flash anthology Rapid Decomposition

There's still a lot of activity going on at Twisted Library Press in the novel area, so Doc is far from out of the publishing game, that's for sure. He's even fired up the podcasts again! If you've never heard one, give them a listen. The latest is # 121 so there's one heck of an archive. 

I've had some good experiences at the library--my involvement with The Zombist anthology being just one of them. I tend to be quiet on the forum but I've made some friends nonetheless from among the Library ranks. Doc and the people he surrounds himself with (in true zombie defense posture) are good folks. You can bet, if he ever puts out a call for submissions for a new zombie anthology again, I'll be one of the first in line.

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