Monday, February 6, 2012

Noise in Boise

About 20 minutes outside Boise.
There's just nothing like going some place new to get the creative juices flowing! I dropped in on Boise, ID late last year for a couple of days. A not so little town nestled in the middle of mountain after mountain after mountain. Said mountains struck me as scrub-covered and barren but that could well have been the time of year. Back home in Virginia we'd just seen peak color on the Blue Ridge Parkway so the contrast was out of this world. Which is where my writing jaunt to the City of Trees took me. All the way to a new world or three and even back to the Old West. Aside from losing the sense of scale, the silence out among the hills was amazing.

Capitol Building. Boise, Idaho.
And no trip to a state capitol would be complete without a drive by of the associated capitol building. My schedule didn't permit a lot of sightseeing in Boise, so that picture is about it. No, my focus was the terrain just minutes outside the city. Okay, a half hour. Power lines are the bane of photography everywhere in the modern world.

The Neverending Sunset.
On the way back to the city after traipsing around the hills, the sunset seemed to go on forever in space and time, something I seldom experience living in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Other highlights include Hastings Entertainment. If I were going to be in Boise any length of time, I'd be spending way too much time and money there.

And lastly a nod to Joe's Crab Shack. It truly is electric.

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