Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Creepy Crawlies


Only a couple of things creep me out more than spiders. Naturally the fine folks at Morpheus Tales, deftly accessing my fears by tapping into the collective unconscious, homed in on that little quirk and developed this cover.


13: Tales of Dark Fiction is out from Morpheus Tales containing my story, "Organ Grinder." Originally slotted to appear in the magazine next year, I jumped on the opportunity to have it showcased alongside this list of notables.

As for what creeps me out more than spiders, I'm keeping those little nuggets to myself.

Contributing authors include:

Eric S Brown
Joseph D’Lacey
Gary Fry
Andrew Hook
Shaun Jeffrey
Matt Leyshon
Gary McMahon
Andy Remic
Stanley Riiks
Tommy B. Smith
Alan Spencer
Fred Venturini
William R.D. Wood


  1. Woot! Organ Grinder is one of my favorite creepy tales.

  2. Thanks, Jeff. And it's in it's original form too and not one of the many abominated versions I was cranking out!