Tuesday, December 13, 2011

American Zombie Guy

There are so many blogs and forums and websites I'd like to read. Really. So many people have so much to say about so many subjects. Everything from science to politics to how to be a better dad.

There's just too much out there. I face the truth of that every time I look at all the unread books on the various shelves scattered through our home. If there are that many books I've yet to experience in the finite volume of this old house, how many exist in the nigh-infinite volume of the Net? How many blogs? How many books? How many haven't been or never will be translated into English?

You've got to be selective. Try to be well-rounded, yet focused, and that's can be a darned difficult balance to strike. Reorganizing the aforementioned book shelves these last couple of days (I've been home with a ailing little one) started me wondering just how well balanced my writing is.

I looked at an anthology publisher's blog (can't remember which one) earlier this year where they had taken all the submissions for a particular project and broken them down by location, protagonist and subject matter. I thought then, what a great idea! I love that sort of statistical stuff. Even more so, though, what a great idea to see your own biases!

With a stockpile of eighty-six stories to draw from, here's mine.

Only surprise here was I had so many female MCs. Go me.

Hmm. Very Americentric. Again, no major surprise there.

Yep. Zombies win the pie but not by as large a margin as I would have guessed. Gotta love hard data.

I do have two works in progress scheduled to be complete by year's end but I don't think they'll skew the numbers even a little. One's a zombie story. The second is a sort of hi-tech fantasy piece set in Biblical times. Guess that would fall under other.

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