Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Scares That Care 2

Scares That Care Weekend 2 drew to a close Sunday evening in beautiful (and slightly toasty) Williamsburg, Virginia this weekend. I spent my Saturday and Sunday gracing (okay, maybe infesting) the HWA table. There's something about being around folks who share a love for all things horror that brings out the best in all of us. Truly.

Below are some pictures that I've heisted from various locations in the interest of promoting the cause and sharing my mug alongside some faces I've known forever but never had the pleasure to meet. And a few I met last year at the inaugural voyage of Scares That Care Williamsburg.

Talking to folks is always the highlight for me. Everyone from authors to actors to movie makers to craftspeople, ranging from newbies to seasoned pros.

I was completely new to the con scene last year, but as near as I could tell this year was a lot more successful than 2014 so I think we can expect a Scares That Care Weekend 3 in 2016 and if it comes I'll be there!

Thanks to Mr. Joe Ripple for all of his hard work in making this happen, the HWA for their sponsorship of the HWA Virginia table and to Dee Southerland, David Alexander and Pamela Kinney for putting up with my incessant rambling.

The place was hopping!

Me with Pamela Kinney at the HWA table

No one rocks a kilt like Jacob Haddon

Mr. D. Alexander Ward and some guy that looks like that William R.D. Wood fellow

The lovely me, the lovely and talented Kara, and the oh, so talented Mr. Ronald Malfi

Tim Waggoner standing next to the guy with only one facial expression

Brian Keene in one of the rare moments when my expression was actually different, unfortunately, in this case, not better

Jonathan Janz, ladies and gentlemen!

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