Tuesday, July 14, 2015

1st and Starlight

How about that cover, folks? I'm a sucker for good art. Always have been.

1st and Starlight collects stories from fourteen Writers of the Future finalists, some of whom went on to the collect wins in their respective quarters.

My story, "Shepherd of the Spheres," explores matters of faith on a lonely space station in orbit around Jupiter. In the accompanying author's notes/essay I talk a little about the making of the story and the terror I face every time I ask the question "Are We Ready?"

1st and Starlight's stellar table of contents reads:

"Catch a Fallen Star" by Jennifer Campbell Hicks
"Shoeless" by Fi Mitchell
"Life Out of Harmony" by Rebecca Birch
"The Minder's Bond" by Kary English
"The Artist Fades Away" by Holly Heisey
"Guardians of Public Safety" by Julie Frost
"Shepherd of the Spheres" by William R.D. Wood
"The Witch's Curse" by Robert R. Finegold, M.D.
"The Factory Amidst the Stars" by Dustin Adams
"The Recycle of Life" by Frank Dutkiewicz
"Twisted Electricity" by Sean Monaghan
"The Skin Script" by Stephanie Lorée
"| Absolute Zero |" by Scott R. Parkin
"Watch Over Me Always" by Sky McKinnon

And a special, special thanks to Sky Mckinnon who served tirelessly as our fearless editor. Or was that fearlessly as our tireless editor? Regardless, thanks for making us look so good, Sky!

And one more look at the cover. Yeah. That's good stuff.

So, great stories, great art. That makes this one book you can judge by its cover.

Oh, and for clarity's sake, this project is not affiliated with the Writers of the Future contest.  

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