Saturday, June 21, 2014

Phobos Magazine Issue Two: Emergence

Phobos Magazine, Philadelphia's semi-annual magazine of weird fiction, has just released it's second issue! Issue Two: Emergence contains my story, "Moonspots," I'm proud to say. You'll find some excellent stories all hunted down and corralled in these pages by editors Robert Corry, Luke St. Germaine, and Adam Halterman.

Phobos Magazine is pleased to present our second issue, "Emergence," which features thirteen short pieces about transformation, skin-shedding, things coming together, bursting forth, surfacing from the depths, and emerging from the darkness for good or ill. These short stories, flash fictions, and poetic works of weird fiction are by an international cast of both new and established talent.
--Amazon blurb

Authors include:

The Last Deduction, by A.E. Decker 
Angels, by K.C. Norton
Dream of Alligators, by Jerard Fagerberg
Hail Khepera in Thy Boat, by Elizabeth Twist
Tybault the Resurrectionist, by Luke St. Germaine
Nightmares, by Arthur St. Germaine
Under Two Moons, by Jonathan Shipley
The Wedding Party, by Joel A. Nichols
Carnival Country, by Daniel Nathan Horn
Blackhearted Son, by George Cotronis
Last Routine at the End of the World, by Ian Hunter
The Work Party, by E.E. King
River Path, by Tina Crone

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