Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Den's Used Caskets

Sky Warrior Books will be releasing an anthology of vampire fiction later this year containing my story "Den's Used Caskets."

In all fairness, I'm not much of vampire guy. In fact, I wasn't much of a vampire guy before it was cool to be not much of vampire guy. That assertion not withstanding, one of my favorite stories is "Adaptive Strategies." In that one, the vamps are played by my interpretation of the Indian asrapa. Beautiful and graceful. And anything but human. That non-sparkly, non-angsty view of vampires is what attracted me to this anthology.

The submission call for These Vampires Don’t Sparkle – A Vampire Anthology read as follows.

"At Sky Warrior Books, we’re not above…well, anything. Hence, we love Vampires – but NOT the sparkly kind. We’re betting you love vampires too. So, send us your best work on vampires, original or reprint (must have the rights), of stories 500 to 7000 words in length. Can be fiction, nonfiction, or poetry. Sure, we’ll take standard horror and dark fantasy, but you can be creative. vampires in space, vampire critters, vampire love stories (uh, no erotica or sparkles), fantasy vampires, steampunk vampires, vampire humor (a strong plus), vampires on stakes…well, you get the idea."

"Den's Used Caskets" takes a more traditional approach to vampires and I hope readers find it a lot of fun.

The Table of Contents will appear something like this.

Vampiric Fluff by Rhonda Parrish
The Hall of the Cavern King by Alexis Glynn Latner
Customer Service by Katherine Tomlinson
Luftgeist by David Lee Summers
A Novel Love by Steve Alguire
Pixie Dust by James Pratt
To Catch a Glimpse by Margaret McGaffey Fisk
Two Fangs by Jonathan D Nichols
Charlie Makes His Way by Peggy McFarland
Saving Grace by Lillian Csernica
The Longest Night by Cynthia Ward
Crosses by David B Riley
Night Work if You Can Get It by Jeff Baker
Solutions by Bear Weiter
Origins by Rie Sheridan Rose
Little Brother by Evan Purcell
And Thus Returning by Lyn McConchie
Truck Driving Women by Trudy Myers
Drac's Diet by John Lance
Outcast by Chris Barili
Desperate Sparkles by Guy Anthony De Marco
From Family Blood is Born by Dana Bell
Avalon Knocking by Vic Kerry
Safe Haven by Jonathan Shipley
Den's Used Caskets by William RD Wood
Kids These Days by Mac Jones
Mountains of Hope and Dreaming by Chris Wong Sick Hong

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