Saturday, December 28, 2013

The White Dot

In the spirit of last year's Quiet Time post, WriteBrane will be still and silent for the next few weeks as I sharpen my blades and clean my guns. Come February 28th, my next blog post will usher in a rollicking, rip-roaring 2014!

In the meantime, there's lot's to peruse in the archives, explore in the links, and offer a comment on.

Please stand by.


  1. Hi William, hope you don't mind me posting an invitation here. I wondered if you'd like to join some of us non-placing finalists in WotF on a forum. It's been set up for the purpose of swapping beta reads for our future entries into the competition and discussing past winning stories (plus there's a bit of general chit chat). If you are interested, here is the link:

    Or, you can email me (my email is on the 'about' page of my website), and I can give you the password that will let you get into the forum to take a look around.

    Hope all is going well with your writing!


  2. Thanks for the invite, Fi. I'll see you there!