Monday, October 14, 2013

Monster Hunter - DOOMSDAY

Early 2014 will see the release of Emby Press' new anthology of monster hunting goodness. Miles Boothe has collected nineteen stories for your reading pleasure.

The call for submissions went a little something like this.

 “The outbreak spread faster than anyone could have imagined. By the time we realized the true extent of the threat, the only choice left was to hit back with everything we had – to go for broke…”

Be it a zombie apocalypse. a vampire uprising or an alien invasion, there does come a time when no option is “off the table”. This anthology is about those stories.

Give us a giant unstoppable monster, or a demonic cult that has been building secretly for decades; a lycanthropic epidemic or a xeno-morph infestation. And answer it with a full military response.

As BLOOD TRAILS will document the intense emotional connection between characters,DOOMSDAY is your chance to cut loose and fill a story full of miniguns, drones and if necessary, nukes (it is the only way to be sure).

If you love tales of rip-roaring monster hunting goodness, don't miss:

"The Mercury Cascade" by Paul D. Hayes
"The Trials of Blood" by Robert Christine
"The Deadly Toy" by Tom Howard
"Allies of Convenience" by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt
"Besta Preto" by Tim Jeffreys
"Hardy" by Jason Lairamore
"The Sin that Slew the World" by James Fadeley
"Vengeance is 9" by Joyce Frohn
"Zombies and Other Ways to Break Your Heart" by Erika Dusen Tamindzija
"Source" by Benjamin T. Smith
"The World Turned Upside-Down" by John X. Grey
"Flight of the Bumble-Beelzebubs" by William R.D. Wood
"Dark Halo" by Miles Boothe
"Gamma Squadron's Last Mission" by Charles Phipps
"Silver Tide" by Jonathan Ward
"Shadows" by Patrick Van Slyke
"From Space It Came" by Scott M. Baker
"At the Gates" by David Dunwoody
"Mr. Toad vs. Dracula" by Gareth Barsby

Zulu Time at JukePop Serials is seven chapters strong! Hope you're following Nash and Calloway as they make their way on board USS Samuel T. Mortimer, every moment a struggle to survive. If you are and you're loving it, tell me! If you are and you're not loving it, tell me why!

I want to hear from you!

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