Sunday, July 14, 2013

Use Enough Gun - Always

As of a couple of weeks ago, Use Enough Gun, went live for Kindle! Miles Boothe of Emby Press took this project and ran with it when Pill Hill Press closed up shop.

It's been a while coming but it contains one of my favorite teams of all time, if not one of my favorite stories.

"House Hunters," is a stand-alone tale but was actually written as a sequel to a flash piece called "Hunted House" which Pill Hill Press did printed in their Haunted: An Anthology of the Supernatural. A quick check on Amazon confirmed that even though Pill Hill is gone, the tpb and the kindle versions are still available.

In the original story, Cyrus and Hill were dealing with a particularly troublesome piece of real estate in what they believed was just another day on the job. Wouldn't be much of a story if that had held true, right? 

For "House Hunters," I wanted to pick up the story but take it somewhere that would expand the universe the story is set in a little. Having done that (I hope!) the possibilities for future stories set there, with or without these guys, is wide open.

I do hope to revisit Cyrus and Hill one last time before tying up their story arc but, though that story is already mapped out in my head, a hundred other projects are pushing and shoving to get to the head of the line. Some of which have deadlines. 

So I'll be moving on to those for now.

What's on the horizon? 

I have a seven stories out on submission at the moment. All of the SF-Horror flavor. I'm working with a writing buddy of mine on a tale completely out of my comfort zone which has been fun. I'm working on a short piece of military fiction, taking apart a novella for possible serialization, participating in an upcoming writer shootout, and trying to keep the monsters at bay in a science fiction survival piece set on a recently terraformed rock.

The sky's the limit.

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