Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Legends of the Monster Hunter


Use Enough Gun: Legends of the Monster Hunter III from Pill Hill Press will be available soon. Editor Miles Boothe has compiled this third anthology of monster hunting goodness with a twist. All the stories in this edition chronicle those unfortunate hunts where everything didn't go as planned. The good guys don't always win, the monsters don't always lose, and the hunters aren't always the only ones doing the hunting. 

My story, "House Hunters," is a stand-alone sequel to another story, "Hunted House," which Pill Hill published in June 2010 in their Haunted anthology. From the moment I put down the metaphorical pen from "Hunted House," I'd been itching to pull those characters back into a sequel and Use Enough Gun was the perfect opportunity to take a shot. My thanks to Mr. Boothe for choosing "House Hunters." I'm sure there were lots of great stories to chose from and I'm honored mine made the cut.

I don't have a cover for Use Enough Gun to post, but I imagine Mr. Boothe will stick with the same look, which I like quite a lot.

Now with the second House Hunters story complete, I can't help but feel a third story coming on. Yep.  Working title: "2BR/2BA, Hell of a View."

At the end of this post, I'll list the tables of contents follow for all three volumes, though the names may not be listed as they appear in print. Some great stories in these books, ladies and gentlemen. I hope you have the opportunity and the inclination to give them all a try. A word of warning, though. These are not how-to books. If you do encounter actual monsters, get the hell out and call the professionals. And for God's sake, never, ever ask, "What could possibly go wrong?"

Spirit In Black by Thom Brannan
Antler and Eye by Kate Shaw
The Message of the Wolf by Gary Buettner
Windigo Dreams by Erin MacCallum
Nadya's Nights: Frost by Indy McDaniel
Kudzu jesus by Edward Mckeown
Fish Out of Water by Liam Cadey
Godspore by Marc Sorond
The Artist as Wolf by Joshua Reynolds
Murder In Thy Name by Elisa Ramirez
Ansobosam by Angela Meadon
The Vampire Hunter's Requiem by John X. Grey
Alderwood and Old Lace by Aleta Clegg
The Oni by Heather Whittington
Wolf's Paw by Chris Carter
The Carpetbagger by A.J. French
Reasons To Kill by Shelley Ontis
The Fullness of Your Truth by Eric Pollarino
Tentacles & Petticoats by Tony Garland
The Rookie by Jennifer Barnes
The Last Payday of the Killibrew Mine by John Whalen
Finally, the Source by Chris Nadeau
The Gargoyle's Curse by Mhairi Shaw
Weeping Woman by H.J. Hill
Two-For-One Chinese Special by Derek Koch
Capital Vices by Lisa Branter
The DJinn by Lily E. Roberts
February - Hunter's Moon by James Ossuary
Wolfers by Matthew Baugh
Black Horse Trading Company by Miles Boothe

Iron Bells by Joshua Reynolds
Rancho Diablo by John Whalen
The Shomer Express by Edward Erdlac
A Shock to the Corset by T.W. Garland
Damned Pretty Woman by Matthew Baugh
Coward's Run by H.J. Hill
New Fallen Snow
Gateway by Daniel Durrant
Fallen States by Jason Papke
Adaptive Srategies by William Wood
Vortex In Hand, I Boldly Go Forward by Medina Falcon
'Til the Sun is in the Sky by Rob Pegler
The Pretty Ones by Angel Propps
Under Construction by MIke Brooks
Our Fields by Paul Salvette
Alpha by Marc Sorondo
Blood Red by Thom Brannan
There's Something in the Woods by Ed McKeown
Intrepid Dawn by Angela Meadon
Groundhog Day by Phillip Norris
Bats by Derek Muk
Drawing First Blood by Kevin Walsh
Emergence by Christopher Nadeau
Good Hit by Mark Saul
Hunting Vengeance by Steven Gepp
Knocking Them Dead by John X. Grey
The Enemy Within by Liam Cadey
Night and Day by Michael McClung 

One Less by Steven Gepp
Shame of the Huntress by Jon Callot
Viral by Dev Jarrett
The Demon and the Manuscript by Marc Sorondo
Red December, 1879 by Brian Panowich
In the Dark and Quiet by Joshua Reynolds
Vermin by Blaise Torrance
Jack by Philip Norris
The Shape of a Cage by J.W.Whalen
Victims by Mike Phillips
Blood Devil by Eric Scott de Bie
Night of the Wolf by Nathan J.D.L. Rowark
Cautionary Tales by Jennifer Barnes
The Bear Trap by Daniel Durrant
Arrival by Christopher Nadeau
The End of Things by T.W. Garland
Hell Knight by Angel Propps
The Longest Night by Helen Yates
Weapon of Choice by Paul Starkey
House Hunters by William R.D. Wood
Second Chances by H.J. Hill
Soot by Jireh Smith
The Predators of Winter by E. Dagforth
Skin and Bone by Jonathan Templar
Hell's Ambush by Derek Anderson
Fail and Cry by Miles Boothe 

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