Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Undead Tales 2

There's a ton of zombie goodness coming from Rymfire Books and Mr. Armand Rosamilia these days. 

Eat Your Disease by David Dunwoody
Like A Bee In My Heart by David Boop
Carnivore Ways! By Rich Orth
The Suicide Program by Robert Essig
New World Order! By Rich Orth
Flesh Sandwiches by Kris Ashton
Zombie Kibosh Crew by Natasha Hanova
In A Craze by Anthony Valade
DNR by William R.D. Wood
A Rose For The Lady by Anthony Valade
The Dead Don’t Sleep Here Anymore by Joe Mynhardt
Lusting! By Rich Orth & Ashlee Napier
The Conner Family by Armand Rosamilia
Gray Days Of Dorian! By Rich Orth
The Diabolic Machine by Jonathan D. Stiffy
Dead Woman Walking by L.R. Collins
One Or Two Ways by Anthony Valade
Lard Butt by Jonathan Lambert
The Reaper Rides by Brent Abell
Escape From Three Mile Island by Rob Rosen
The Hunt by Larry C. Kerr
Distraught Dreaming by Anthony Valade
All His At Last by Jonathan Templar
But It’s Not The End by Matt Moore

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