Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Father Grim's Storybook

Father Grim's Storybook from Wicked East Press. Edited by Jessica A. Weiss.

Table of Contents:

The Vampires (poem) by Gayle Arrowood
Cygnus by Mel Obedoza
The Black Boots by Michael Constantine McConnell
Wednesday's Child by Jon-Michael Emory
Nancy Dawson by Bennie L. Newsome
Bumpty (poem) by Gayle Arrowood
As I Went Over Lincoln Bridge by Brent Abell
Rapunzel And The Undead by Chris Allinotte
Two Visits To Mother Holle by George Wilhite
The Cobbler Of Buttercup by S.C. Hayden
City Lights (poem) by Gayle Arrowood
Bell, Book, and Candle (novella) by Jay Raven
The Abandoned Building (poem) by Gayle Arrowood
The Princess and The Pea by David W. Landrum
Sixpence And Rye, And A Snake In A Pie by Jeff Chapman
Little Miss Muffet by Teresa Black
Jack, Out Of The Box by Jan Edwards
The Fat And The Prune (poem) by Gayle Arrowood
The Dove by E.F. Shraeder
There Was A Little Girl by Shannon Wendt
Sleep And Beauty by William R.D. Wood
Matches For Sale by Suzanne Robb
The Witch's Song (poem) by Gayle Arrowood