Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Many Faces of Me

Pseudonyms, aliases, noms de plume. The scope of specfic is pretty broad and with my own projects so diverse, sooner or later I'm probably going to need a few of my own. Either that or narrow my focus and that seems unlikely. My interests range from science fiction, to horror, to children's stories and blending them such that one story fits all, just doesn't work for me at this point. Few things are more disappointing, as an avid reader myself, than loving one book by an author only to have them go off in a completely new direction with their next. I certainly wouldn't want a young person who enjoyed reading "Spy Eyes" in Yarns for Our Youth to assume that "Childish Things" in Eye Witness Zombie is a similar piece.

The titles of the anthologies should be a giveaway, sure, but I'd hate to find out the hard way. Spent money. Children weeping in the corner. "But, Mommy, how could the same person write something so..." Or to go from the hard science fiction in "Deuteronomy" from Anywhere But Earth to "Loss of Vector" in Zombie Zoology. Yeah, sooner or later, something will have to give.

As for the image below, please consider the rightmost title a little bit of fan love and nothing in any way intended to infringe on anyone's, particularly the BBC's, money-making grindhouse. My son loves the show and I wrote a few fanfic stories for him. And given my love of Photoshop, of course, they each needed a cover.

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