Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Battlespace is a collection of military-themed science fiction due out Memorial Day weekend 2012. Jason Tudor, Keith Houin and Michael J. Wistock of The Science FictionShow podcast are producing Battlespace with all proceeds from the book sales going to the Warrior Cry Music Project.

Warrior Cry is a group of volunteers who work with wounded soldiers in the Washington, DC, metro area. It provides the soldiers with musical instruments and then teaches them to play. Music is a great form of physical and mental therapy. Working closely with therapists to create a positive educational and therapeutic music program, Warrior Cry gives wounded soldiers something positive to work toward and helps to get their minds off of their injuries. Music also helps get our wounded soldiers out of their shell and interested in socializing with others. Warrior Cry works with other groups and non-profits to help better the lives of soldiers that were wounded in battle.”
TheScience Fiction Show is a weekly podcast available on iTunes looking into all-things science fiction in film, television, books and elsewhere. Hosts Jason Tudor, Keith Houin and Michael Wistock make an hour-long experience that is entertaining with riveting interviews, insider information and great personalities. Since May 2011, fans have downloaded the show 7,000 times and has better than 300 loyal followers across Facebook and Twitter. Past interview subjects have included comic book artists Steve Rude, Chris Trevis and Christian Waggoner; writers Mike Baron, Adam Slade and Eric Trautmann; and Hollywood special effects artist Shannon John Shea.”

Hats off to the gentlemen at The Science Fiction Show for their support of this excellent project and my sincere thanks for including a flash piece of mine in the anthology. I’m truly honored.


  1. very cool William ... I'm sure there's a story to be told about the concept of what the music program does with those who have been wounded!

  2. Thanks, Jae. It's a good cause and a great idea for a charitable anthology.