Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Science Fiction Trails

Later this year my story, "Greenhorns," will appear in Science Fiction Trails # 8!

If there's ever been a more under-appreciated genre than science fiction in the Old West, I'm not sure what it is. Oh, there's been a few portions divvied out here and there worthy of mention. The tragically short-lived Adventures of Brisco County Jr., Will Smith's attempt with Wild Wild West and most recently Cowboys and Aliens. If you expand the playing field to speculative stories in other media I even have my own story, "Hands," in Library of the Living Dead's anthology, The Zombist. There's an unwritten sequel already told in my head for that one! Maybe this year. All it needs is a venue. And speaking of unwritten sequels, I have one for "Greenhorns" simmering on the campfire right now. Life is good.

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