Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Breaking New Ground

I have a story appearing in Wicked Bag of Suspense Tales, my second story to appear in the Wicked Bag series from from Wicked East Press. Wicked, right?

Suspense was something new for me, at least as a target genre, and I spent a fair amount of my research time just making sure I understood the distinctions. The final draft submitted to editor Jessica A. Weiss was almost thirteen thousand words of pure, relentless suspense. Or was it? Okay, I'll keep working on the suspense thing.

Perhaps just as exciting as the story (title withheld), is my contribution of interior "cover art" for each of the stories within the Suspense anthology!

I was involved in two similar projects last year--anthologies with artwork attached to each story. Aether Age Helios, with editors Christopher Fletcher and Brandon Bell at the helm. Included in that volume of amazing Aether Age universe stories, were several of my artistic offerings. The other project was Eye Witness: Zombie, captained by Todd Brown. I provided none of the artwork in that anthology and, just let me say, the drawings are stunning. Hopefully those two little details are linked only by coincidence. If you haven't checked out Aether Age Helios or Eye Witness: Zombie yet, please do.

So when it comes to having art accompany my stories and the stories of others, the ground isn't freshly broken, but it has remained undisturbed for a bit.

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