Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Wicked Bag of Wicked Wickedness

A few months ago I threw my writing hat into the ring for this project and through a highly secretive process of random selection landed one of the ten much-coveted spots in this anthology. From around the globe, the selectees sent in story prompts, which were shuffled and re-dealt.

Ten authors. Ten prompts. Ten thousand words each.

The prompt I received was a simple one. Ghost hunters enter a house and find more than ghosts. My interpretation is a little piece called "Meat Machine."

Sharing the pages of Wicked Bag are:
                          Table Of Contents

1. Meat Machine                         William Wood
2. Two Sides                                   Mark Taylor
3. Blurred                                 Patricia Puckett
4. Dining In Hell                               Ellie Garratt
5. Armageddon-End Of Days  
                                                  Robert Cristante
6. Muerte In A Small Town        A.D. Spencer
7. Billy                                         Adam P. Lewis
8. Arachnophilia            Joshua Ramey-Renk
9. Coming Home Is Never The Same                                                                   Darren Gallagher

You may have noticed only nine names appear in the table of contents. Our tenth selectee had to bow out leaving one prompt unwritten. A couple of us agreed to take on that twisted piece of inspiration just for fun. I haven't forgotten about you, Darren. Really.

So, if you're falling asleep too easily at night, pick up a copy. It'll cure what ails you.


  1. Woo hoo!!! Congrats on that ... I loved the piece!

  2. Thanks, Jae! And thanks for all your comments as I sent the story blazing through Pandora!

  3. I loved your story. Bought the anthology on a whim and am pleased that I did so far.

  4. Thanks, clutch30! I really have to start keeping up with this little window to the world!