Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Down Under

Who loves Australia? Can you see me with my hand raised in the back of the world? If not, you might need to look a little harder. 

I've been captivated by the continent since I was a kid. The exotic animals, the amazing vistas, the untamed areas ripe with stories both real and fictional. A few years back, when I learned part of my Naval service would be in the Pacific, I was sure I was bound for the shores of Perth or Sydney. Sure, we're not talking the Outback here, but I would have been happy just the same. Despite three years homeported in Pearl Harbor, I somehow missed out. I'll make it someday though. 

Now, years after riding the gray metal boats for Uncle Sam, my interest is rekindled every so often by a Discovery Channel show, a child's homework project, or even a Men at Work song playing on classic radio. Yeah. I'll make it there. 

Keeping the dream alive for me most recently is publisher Keith Stevenson of Kirrawee, NSW. His publishing house, Coeur de Lion, picked up my science fiction piece "Deuteronomy" for their Anywhere But Earth anthology, due out later this year. The lineup of authors included alongside my own looks great and I'm honored to be among them. If you'd like to check them out yourself, you can find the table of contents here!

This makes my second sale Down Under and I couldn't be happier.

Okay, unless I was dropping off the manuscript in person.