Monday, July 25, 2016

Scares That Care 3

Another great Scares That Care and another great visit to Williamsburg! Mr. Joe Ripple did it up right again. Seemed like everything went off flawlessly from my table with the Virginia Chapter of the Horror Writer's Association. No matter where I went Joe was buzzing around or rushing by. I can only imagine what it takes to pull off one of these things. Well done, sir!

Thanks to all the folks who stopped by the table to say hello, talk horror and pick up a book or two. That truly means the world to us writerly types. There is no substitute for being around a hotel full of folks who enjoy a good scare!

So, this year I learned that I am the world's worst photographer. Not that my pictures are bad, nope, not that. I'm the world's worst photographer because I didn't take any pictures! That's like a writer who doesn't write. Sad. Pathetic. Pitiful. In need of a serious inmuse-ion. Great, now I'm resorting to Crypt Keeper style puns! I should be so lucky. In truth, I did capture a few souls in the old lens box, but not even close to how many I should have carried home. 

Next year, friends, next year.

Here are a couple of mine and a few snagged from social media surrounding the event. Thanks to those who helped capture the memories!



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