Saturday, November 14, 2015

Tales of the Talisman

David Lee Summers, editor of Tales of the Talisman, published "Shady Moons" in their July issue this year. Here's a look at the cover. 

And a look at that sweet table of contents for you folks who enjoy seeing a jam-packed issue of poetry and fiction.

Final Journey
Story by Stephen C. Ormsby
Illustration by Morland Gonsoulin

The Last Gypsies
Poem by Bruce Boston

Shady Moons
Story by William R. D. Wood
Illustration by Teresa Tunaley

A Brief History of Human Evolution
Poem by Gary Every

The Day the Electricals Ended
Story by K.S. Hardy
Illustration by Tom Kelly

Poem by Neal Wilgus

Chained Pearls
Poem by W. C. Roberts

Good Samaritans
Story by Mark Silcox
Illustration by Teresa Tunaley

Aggression: Deleted Genome Project
Poem by Lauren McBride

Thursday’s Child Has Far to Go
Story by Mark Anthony Brennan
Illustration by Tom Kelly

Dear Cthulhu
Column by Patrick Thomas

Story by Melinda Moore
Illustration by Laura Givens

The Cursed Land of Dreams
Poem by Livia Finucci

The Stones Next Door
Story by Linda Maye Adams
Illustration by Laura Givens

Passage Through a Shifting Past
Poem by Nicolo Santilli

A Trivial Case of Haunting
Story by Jeffery Scott Sims
Illustration by Jag Lall

Ooze Blues
Poem by Louise Webster

Just Another Indian Kid
Story by David B. Riley
Illustration by Neil T. Foster

Draystone's Secret Story by Simon Bleaken
Illustration by Kathy Ferrell

Spinning the Threads
Poem by K.S. Hardy

Finally Free
Story by Frances Silversmith
Illustration by Erika McGinnis

Night Life
Poem by William Corner Clarke

Dreams of the Docent
Story by Lee Clark Zumpe
Illustration by Tom Kelly

Under the Cancer Tree
Poem by Sandra Lindow

Angel Comfortings
Story by Douglas Empringham
Illustration by Paul Niemiec

Yellow, Orange, Red
Poem by Alessio Zanelli

Story by Timothy Bastek and Taylor Packer
Illustration by Kathy Ferrell

Fried Okra
Poem by Beth Cato

Story by Kathryn Yelinek
Illustration by Teresa Tunaley

Echo Canyon
Poem by Neal Wilgus

We Call Them the Gods
Poem by Jason Sturner

The Sphinx & the Signet
Story by Courtney Floyd
Illustration by Paul Niemiec

Fairy Moon
Poem by John Hayes

Talisman Book Reviews
Reviews by Karissa B. Sluss, David Lee Summers,
and Neal Wilgus

Lastly, because I am such a sucker for cover art, a few of my favorite covers from the archives of Tales of the Talisman. Sadly, Mr. Summers placed the magazine in hypersleep about the same time that Volume 10, Issue 4 hit the shelves. We can only hope that he wakes it up soon!


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