Monday, January 26, 2015

Downfracking the Mandelbrot

Depending on when you checked out "Downfracking the Mandelbrot" at Omni Reboot, you might have wondered why the story seemed to end in the middle. Or not actually end at all. Well, there was indeed a little glitch in those hallowed halls which has been tracked down, trapped, and released in the wild where it can do no further harm.

"Downfracking the Mandelbrot" is now complete and ready for viewing and commenting (hint hint nudge nudge). Do drop in and check it out along with all of the other awesomeness available at Omni Reboot.

Here's a sample:

Ben trudged down the dimly lit street of their El Paso. Their low-res, squeaky-clean, downfractal El Paso. The air was cold and fresh with a hint of ozone. That much was nice. He recognized the neighborhood from the basic outline of the buildings against the reddening evening sky and could almost imagine this was the same city he'd grown up in. He'd have been about ten or twelve when his El Paso had looked like this.

Behind him, the amber spike of light on the horizon at their entry point into this reality was a testament to that. They were here for a reason, same as always. It wasn't personal.

The silhouette of a man rushed toward him from an alley, a metal pipe glinting in one hand, but stumbled a few paces away and stopped.

Ben and the two other men in his team continued their trek down the street, faces covered by the mirrored visors of their combat helmets and heads positioned as if they hadn't noticed the man at all. 

Ben casually slid his hand back from the sling he wore across his shoulder like a bandolier. The Louisville Slugger hanging from it was the same one his father had swung game after game playing with the Diablo's at the old Cohen Stadium when Ben had been a kid. Now the bat was hollowed out and held a military grade stunner. If the locals got out of line, and the stunner function didn't work, he could always crack the living dog shit out of them. The tiny pistol grip versions supplied by Command were useless if their power cells failed.

Ben heard either Graham or Koch—probably Graham being the near-insufferable newb that he was—grip his R1MA assault weapon just a little more tightly. He wanted to tell the kid to relax a little but speaking right now might help the downie regain his focus.


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