Wednesday, September 24, 2014

BASTION Science Fiction Magazine

I'm happy to report R. Leigh Hennig and the fine folks at Bastion Science Fiction Magazine will be running a story of mine in their October 2014 issue!

It's an excellent magazine and you really should check it out. Why? Well, it's excellent. I thought I said that.

Being a bit of a cover art junkie, I just love their covers. Take a peek at issues 1 - 7.

Beautiful. Especially Issues 3 and 7. Those are my personal faves.


"The Dreamcatcher", by M. Justine Gerard
"The Last Repairman", by David Austin
"Shale", by David Jack Sorensen
"The Crystal Forest", by Kurt Heinrich Hyatt
"That World Up There", by Kurt Bachard
"Shock", by Samuel Marzioli
"The Dead Channel", by David Galef
"Lighthouse to the Depths", by Nicholas Mazmanian


"Moving Past Legs", by Jamie Lackey
"The Endless Flickering Night", Gary Emmette Chandler
"Worried About", by Brandon McNulty
"Vines", by G. J. Brown
"A Considerate Invasion", by Mark Patrick Lynch
"A Rather Different Sort of F-Bomb", by Marty Bonus
"Zombie Limbo Master", by Rosemary Claire Smith
"Nigh", by Eric Del Carlo
"Wruyian Sands", by Jessica Payseur 


"Two Gentlemen" by Kurt Bachard
"Past Imperfect" by Dominic Dulley
"The Tree" by Benjamin Sperduto
"Miracle of Asteroid Camp 88" by Michael Andre-Driussi
"Bartleby, the Robot Killer: A Story of Difference Street" by Alex Livingston
"Compile Sensory Information and Extrapolate" by Jenna Bilbrey
"The Broken Places" by Melanie Marttila 


"Abandoned", by Hannah Goodwin
"Degausser", Axel Taiari
"Forever Lights", by Peter Medeiros
"Red Rubber Nose", by Robert Quinlivan
"Remember Prometheus", by Eleanor R. Wood
"The Maltese Pterodactyl", by George S. Walker
"The Properties of Water", by Alex Hernandez 


“The Skip” by Clint Spivey
“Zip” by Emma Osborne
“Going Solo on a Goldilocks” by Mary Alexandra Agner
“The Cure” by William Delman
“That Place Betwen Déjà vu and a Memory” by J. Daniel Batt
“Mirror of Stars” by Frank Smith
“Nestmaker” by Jared W. Cooper
“Sanctuary Farm” by Garrick Fincham


“Death Wears Yellow” by J.C. Davis
“The Custody of Memory” by Paul Hamilton
“Debugging the Ghosts” by Damien Krsteski
“The Last Lawsuit” by Maggie Clark
“The Long, Slow War” by Stephanie Herman
“The Loop” by James Hart
“Pancakes” by John Herman

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