Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Twice in a Blue Moon

Once in a blue moon is not enough.

I write. It's my passion.

I sit down at the table, at the desk, on the couch, or pulled up to a wide expanse of mat table where I can spread all my notes and all my writing paraphernalia in an arc around me. And write. I generally spend a few minutes reviewing whatever project is first and foremost. Usually that means deciding which is the most important of the several projects I keep going at any given time For instance, today I have Chapter Four of Zulu Time (JukePop Serials) competing against the second prompt for the writer's shootout mentioned last week competing against refining another story to send out on submission competing with this blog entry. Clearly the blog is winning at the moment. After that, the shootout comes into play since the deadline is quickly approaching and I have two – count 'em: two – stories I'm working on in parallel to see which one has the better feel. Which one has the best chance of entertaining my fellow shootists.

And that's what it's all about. Entertaining the people who will be reading my work. Taking them on a journey they want to go on. Leading then toward a resolution they want to learn. Introducing them to folks they want to meet and spend some time with. Exploring ideas they may not get anywhere else, or, at least, a new branding of those ideas.

And doing this every single time. Hey, if you're gonna have goals, make them good ones. And don't limit yourself to one.

Right now it's time to dig in and find the zone where that doesn't just happen once in a blue moon. Or even twice. You have to see it every time you look for it and know, even when you're not actively seeking it, it's shining on you just the same.

So that's my motivational blog post for today. Aren't you glad I'm not always like this?

Oh, and for me, the moon is always blue.

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