Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's a Brand New Day

Finishing up a busy few weeks. Not that the weeks ahead won't be equally busy, just a little more flexible.

The writing-related project I mentioned last time was an online class through Odyssey Online Writing Workshops. At their recommendation I shut the blog down in order to devote all my spare time to the lessons. And I'm glad I did. As with any class, you might be able to do just enough to cruise through, but these classes are a rare opportunity and contract. Not only between teacher and student but student and student. What an excellent class too! I can't recommend Odyssey highly enough.

Special thanks to Jeanne Cavelos, the Director of Odyssey, and Elaine Isaak, the instructor for the Bodies and Heartbeats. Thanks, ladies! And thanks to all my classmates. Great set of sessions.

In publication news: Available now from Morpheus Tales is a streamlined version of my story, "Beginning of Days." You'll find it in the Apocalypse Special Issue which you can preview at A classic piece of cover art, right? You can find more of artist Gary McCluskey's work at Nothing more apocalyptic than a death and destruction raining down from above!

The other authors appearing in this issue are Dev Jarrett, Dianne Arrelle, Richard Farren Barber, Robin Wyatt Dunn, D.M. Slate, J.B. Ronan, Alan Loewen, Stephanie Smith, Brian M. Milton, C. M. Saunders, and Matt Brolly.

"The Long View" appears in The Temporal Element, an anthology from Martinus Publishing, edited by Martin T. Ingham. With a wonderfully retro cover, this anthology delivers a fantastic spread of time travel adventures featuring a story by my friend, Carolyn Chang.

Other authors include: Bruno Lombardi, Arthur M. Doweyko, Edmund Wells, A.C. Hall, Paul Lamb, James Hartley, Tony Laplume, Martin T. Ingham, Robert MacAnthony, Barbara Austin, Shawn Cook, Karl G. Rich, Jefferey Scott Sims, Diane Arrelle, Steven Gepp, Chris Allinotte, John Wesick, and Lauren A. Forry. I've shared pages with some of these folks before and these stories are sure to pack a punch.

That's all for my return entry. The days ahead include many revamped short stories, a few completely new ones, and Novel Zero.

It's about time!