Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ultimate Angel Super-Smackdown

Well, maybe just Ultimate Angels, but that's enough I can assure you. 

Description of the Kindle edition from Amazon's site: "Ultimate Angels brings you 13 tales of Mythical horror, from a downtown diner to a backwoods Maine township harboring a dark secret."

I'm proud to have my story, "Head of the Pin," included in this collection.

The complete Table of Contents goes a little like this:

Jack's Diner by Benjamin Rogers
City of Angels by Teall Tahtinen
Ahote's Spirit by Kenneth W. Cain
Eligos by Suzanne Robb
Darkness in the Heartland by Dana Bell
The Between by Brad Zipprich
Fellowship by Henry Snider
Prince of Thorns by Cora Zane
Release of the Desert Demon by Nathalie Kazandjian
Head of the Pin by William R.D. Wood
Fallen by Nathan Robinson
Endless Reward by Ryan Miller
The Calming Ones by David R. Wennberg Jr.

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