Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Campfire Tales and Updates

My interview is live at! Our talk included everything from monsters to the Bilderbergs to Enya. And, yes, you heard me. Enya. My interview is just one of many Miles is conducting leading up to the release of Volume 3 of the Monster Hunter series, Use Enough Gun.

In other news: James Roy Daley had to pull the next two volumes of the Best New Zombie Tales, one of which might have contained a reprint of "Loss of Vector." I hadn't received the final decision from Mr. Daley or editor Carolina Smart but I had my fingers crossed and double-crossed. These things happen and the small press world is volatile to say the least. You can check out Mr. Daley's blog here and get the latest on his comings and goings. It's always an interesting read.

That brings my current submissions down to a mere eight. Eight! I haven't had so few pieces out in a couple of years. Time to get cracking!

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