Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Battlespace Anthology

Final cover for the new Battlespace anthology coming July 10.

And the completely shareable wallpaper!

As for the author line up, take a peak here.

A Flash of Insight by John Conway
A Rare Chance At The Enemy by Mark Mellon
All We Know of Heaven and Hell by Guinevere Rowell
And Kill Them by William R.D. Wood
Safety In Numbers by Tom Barlow
Ayema's Fleet by Therese Arkenberg
Outside the Wire by Terri Coop
Chewing Barbed Wire by Kevin McClintock
Umbuto's Rock by Vincent Morgan
Dark Star by Robert Muirhead
Re-Live by Keith Houin
Dog Days by Neil Carstairs
Lusi by ShayFabbro
Fred Has A Productive Day by Gerry Huntman
Special Aptitudes and Space Sensibilities by David Pointer
One Last Shot at Glory by Aaron Smith
The Code by Stefan Alford
Rocking The Dead Man by Sandra Odell
Message in a Bottle by Andrew Knight
The Last Great Film by Pedro Iniguez
The Eye of God by John Thompson
Faith Eaters Cricket by Cliff Gilmore
The First Mission of Lieutenant Seth-7 by Timothy Dunham
The Gun by Dale Wise
Tussle by Eric Johnson
Two Hours to Die by Joseph Jablonski
Mission of the Crystal Star by Joshua Johnson

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