Thursday, May 10, 2012

End of Days

You heard me. Today is the last day to enter the contest to win a free copy of Flush Fiction from Uncle John's Bathroom Reader series.

Book description: "Prepare to be entertained by this unique collection of short-short stories--all fewer than 1,000 words--handpicked by the master story-teller himself, Uncle John. Whatever genre you're into--humor, mystery, romance, horror, adventure, sci-fi, or slice-of-life--it's in here.

"You'll laugh! You'll gasp! You'll go places you've never been before thanks to some of the nation's most talented fiction writers. So sit back and settle into these 88 tiny tales that all pack a really BIG punch!"

So get off your keisters and enter! Tonight at midnight I close off the entry gate and your stranded outside in the cold without a chance. 

Enter while there's still time!

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