Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sowing Seeds

Helping fill the horrible, horrible deficit of plant-related scariness, I submit for your consideration Sowing the Seeds of Horror. Edited by Lorraine Horrell.
"Just a Little Thing" by Dorothy Davies
"Gull Tender" by Ken Goldman
"Festerton's War" by Caroline Noctar
"The Ruins" by Crystal Connor
"The Lake" by Charles Day
"You Shouldn't have Killed Me" by Jason D Brawn
"Overactive Imagination" by Nicholas Conley
"The Silver Locket" by J. Douglas Stephenson
"Terminal Frost" by George Wilhite
"Snapdragons" by William R.D. Wood
"Crawlspace" by Jeremy Bush
"Scorned" by Emma Ennis
"The King's Forest" by C.A kerr
" The Grass Roots" Joseph Polega
"Dempseys Demons" Rachael Hewitson Dixon
"The Listing Agency"by April Wolak
"Red, White and Black" by Nicola Peacock
"The Night of the Pumpkins" by Lorraine Horrell
"Talking Softly to One Plant" by John X Grey
"The Progeny Host" by Richard Beckett Baron
"Suitable DNA"by Anthony Cicerone