Monday, December 13, 2010

Zombie Farmer

For a guy who claims to be a science fiction author, I sure do have a lot of zombie story credits. One title long overdue for a mention, is Eye Witness: Zombie, the brain child (pun intended) of Mr. T. W. Brown and his ilk at May December Publications. My story, "Childish Things," found a home there and chronicles the zombie apocalypse through the eyes of a would-be news channel field reporter who just happens to be stuck in a kids' show Orca costume. Eye Witness: Zombie, in addition to collecting some darn good stories, provides each with its own introductory / summary artwork. If you're looking for 350 pages of zombie goodness, do like the back cover says. "Tune into your local stations for the latest updates or stay here and follow the story as it unfolds on...Eye Witness: Zombie."

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